Dumb, found.

It shocks, this
fresh serenity
seeping in
to her most
permeable places; start
-les instincts born of
earth and flame
and anguish, feet set
on foreign
frozen field.
Thaw sets in, warm and wayward
wind. She stands, begins.


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5 Responses to Dumb, found.

  1. pmwanken says:

    Nicely done, my friend!! Love when the thaw sets in!

  2. margo roby says:

    Love the title. I am so glad to have a bunch of these [that form that I have found spelled three ways] to study.


  3. Speaks of hope to me…nicely written, my friend.

  4. Oh — love it! Would really appreciate the arrival of some of this seeping serenity… any time now. :-]

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