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(a shadorma)   Beat fist, first: Detach old vessel check airway jolt loss loose. Surge new breath into old skin, wait for heart to rise.  

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haiku part deux

2/1 (prompt: apple)   autumn’s tender longing held loose in trembling hand scent of skin, sin    

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haiku (God bless you)

Found a haiku challenge today, a form I’ve happily played with in the past. In the interest of this year’s desire for “Presence,” and pressing phrase to page daily, it seems like a good idea.  Here’s Day 1:   tree … Continue reading

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Thirteenth time’s a charm.

After all the poking and prodding the injections and tests the charts the minus signs and the broken hearts   This.   This ceiling kiss, a wish.     To join this love of her life she (stretches, sighs) holds … Continue reading

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Something New

  Wake up. Breathe. Collect self. Leave.

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Something Old

  Diehards, these. Her fragments, mortar sprayed and mutant splayed out in the same impossible heap burned shadows of her landscape scorched by her own lack of fire shape of hope lost behind these constant and familiar scars.    

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Boomerang Heart

(a shadorma)   Flung it to the worn waiting wind breath held, caught. It came back, the pieces of me spilled loose, a palette of lies.    

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