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Lies, like ice.

(a Fib) Red, cold here in my shamed hands, lifted high to fly from frozen lips, old scattered heart. Fresh start, from this strong quiet place sharp edges now worn, thorns shed and held fast, un said.

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These manic phrases fling, carom and cling to callow heart and every fragile thing while whispered words, this spry and scattered sprig hold fast to chalet’s side, where sunshine digs. Elect -ric pygmy thought here glistening long, I stretch and … Continue reading

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  Oh, dubious rebellion petulant                            staccato heart, shed this metallic scar latch these ruins to magic dart fuses set; billows hungry for new breath. Exile hate, inhale hope.  

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Scarlet Song

Hungry again, but home she sighs, ties the sash without batting a lash. After all, tomorrow is another day. Right? Oh, curtains. Foiled again.  

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haiku day 6

Haiku Gray matter matters even when considering matters of the heart.   Pi-Ku To listen, think. To see, just thank.    

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Old Hats

She wears them, if not well ferociously brim pulled to brow weary of how heavy they become when it rains. She trades them, not for tip but song patching edges that fray wanting to stay centered in her own fragile … Continue reading

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