Oh, dubious rebellion
shed this metallic scar
latch these ruins
to magic dart
fuses set;
billows hungry for new
Exile hate,
inhale hope.


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6 Responses to Murmur

  1. I like this prolific period you’re sharing. Thanks – el Mosk

  2. markwindham says:

    🙂 , we both had a ‘staccato heart’. Good stuff, I am always drawn to your economy of words.

  3. pmwanken says:

    There ya go again…absolutely shining in your ability to use so few words to say so much.

    you amaze me

  4. My gosh, you crammed a lot into a few lines and even fewer words!

    Whirling Haiku and Senryu

  5. Annette says:

    Very tight — great use of the words. This works very well.

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