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Fact or Fiction?

De has a darker side? Click here to find out: http://flashyfiction.blogspot.com/2012/02/bicycle.html

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Cento braided from e. e. cummings (humanity i love you, since feeling is first, and others) Humanity i love you when the world is puddle-wonderful and kisses are a better fate than wisdom though life’s lived wrong-side out and though … Continue reading

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Where the (Falling-Up-Everything-On-It-Light-in-the-Attic) Sidewalk Ends

They say, “Come up with somethin’ new and everyone will buy it.” What do I do? What do I do? Some dummy built this pencil wrong. Oh, the blithery, blathery pirate he turned there in the sky and sailed away … Continue reading

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haiku challenge day 8

  Stop. Spring calls, soft, sweet. Feel these new petals, poems grown to thine own self.  

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Writing 101

(a shadorma)   Seize this flesh, frail white paper skin. Wrestle heart, control beat. Lay razor phrase to blue vein, spill self loose; begin.  

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Mama’s Shoes

(for abby) Even in all their vast and perfect glory somehow they’re too tight just won’t lace quite right. So she slings them over the power lines and flees barefoot through the breeze.

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Cul de Sac

She goes around in circles for awhile (around and around and around we go) and it seems the only way out is the way she came in (and where it stops, nobody knows) and that, of course, is out of … Continue reading

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