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haiku day 18

winter’s frozen face; we seek strength from here, within while we do without.

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(an etheree) Breathe deep, lungs filled with this angelic thought, all words wrought of sky and steam and flowing stream, clouds holding council robed in blue, this hue of greater things held, heard. We race, weave, leave no last trace … Continue reading

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your sign language singes, scars hands voicing more than your marbled Gemini mouth holds silent. you spell my name in watermelon seeds casting tiny guitar picks to the angry Alanis Morissette soundtrack of my pogo stick heart, phrases of my … Continue reading

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Of Flight

Fragile fickle, feathered things this hope those waves the wind these wings. Unfurled so frail, to carry me into and through, beyond this lonely sorrow-salted sea.

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