Daily Archives: February 24, 2012

Cat Guts

We meet at center court to discuss our net worth and I realize it’s 40- Love. What a racket.  

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When I turn it over in my fingers, my heart turns, too. For it begins so much like me broken cast aside jarred and jagged a mere fragment longing once again to be whole, then arrives at sea’s shore embraced … Continue reading

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haiku day 24

  we dance to the shore for the best dream walks are all salty skin, bare toes.

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Things They Lost in the Fire

She placed it all carefully in the shadow boxes when they moved in, stretched the plants out long along the shelves, wedding blue birds at the center, fragile things dis- played carefully to make this hole in the wall (of … Continue reading

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Midnight Reflection

(a Tanka)    Winter moon crawls slow through hidden worlds across an inky star-spilled sky. Faceless, fading, small as me she does not shed her own light.  

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