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Facebook ‘Ku…with catch-up (yum).

2/26  zip gray winter sky weeps, waiting for indigo to unzip the clouds. 2/27  write a deliberately bad haiku egg falls into the cracks, shell-shocked. that’s all, yolks. 2/28 “generated haiku” (original): lucid stone scampers grotesque lean mountaintops leer orchestras … Continue reading


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They call him Crazy Carl Nut Job Loose Screw Loony Cuckoo One Card Shy of a Full Deck but still (after all, what the heck?) he buys his soup precisely 27 cans at a time arranges displays and eats them … Continue reading

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Open Road

The numbers on the signs are all getting smaller burning in our headlights on this harsh and hazy highway. The cornstalks in the fields are all getting taller; hope hovers in their shadows as we brave this broken byway. The … Continue reading

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Thin Air

Answer this: Entranced by smoke and (broken) mirrors, senses dulled by altitude sheepish grin and stray wolf’s pelt worn backwards, map lost tossed to the wind, how then shall she cement these dense, frail phrasings over the murmur of her … Continue reading

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Fool. I do not want to be written. Take your impotent ink and go home. You cannot press me to page with death grip on quill or ironclad will or black clacked on incessant white space in an effort to … Continue reading

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