The Hills They Died On

Quiet, peaceful knolls.

right to
bear arms,
lose limbs, lie on
earth scorched by gun
-fire and anger and hate.

felled sons
fathers, uncles
cousins, friends
mangled, tangled in
the verdant evening grass.

(white, blue)
hue spilled loose
here to strengthen our
roots, freed for other pursuits.

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6 Responses to The Hills They Died On

  1. markwindham says:

    Very nice. ‘Verdant evening grass”spilled loose to strengthen our roots’. Good stuff for a grim subject. I was drawn to that photo but forced myself not too. It speaks though.

  2. Tears…so sad. Very well done, De.

  3. TC Avey says:

    Gripping and sad. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to post it on twitter now-people need to hear these powerful words.

  4. TC Avey says:

    Sorry, I don’t use wordpress, so I can’t twitter it straight from this page. So I copied and pasted the link to this poem on twitter.

  5. margo roby says:

    I have liked what people have done with this photograph. I was hoping for good things from it and I was right. I do enjoy it when you play with line breaks and word usage, also one of my favourite things to play with. Love the last stanza bringing in the otherv two colours of the flag and a reminder of what the blood is spilled for.

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