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Poet’s Plea

(a shadorma) Don’t crinkle the edges of this fold these words across fringe, cringe as I demand a pen, navigate again.    

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Getting Over You

Wasn’t easy. Getting under you was surprisingly simple and (in retrospect, hindsight being 20/20 and whatnot) astonishingly stupid, but getting out was rough; some kind of crash course in Breakups 101 (Step 1: Remember How to Breathe.) In…love with the … Continue reading

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April, Fooled

Had he called in summer, she might have warmed at first to the sound of his voice, but would have accurately anticipated the after burn. In fall, she would have landed both feet on the ground, strong as an oak … Continue reading

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I, Spy

She sees right through him. The fedora is a front, a ruse amusing her ebony eyes, wry smile. He plays right to her. Dances along through this passion they’ve fashioned; woman of substance, man of style.    

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