Getting Over You

Wasn’t easy.

Getting under you was
surprisingly simple
and (in retrospect, hindsight
being 20/20 and whatnot)
astonishingly stupid,
but getting out was rough;
some kind of crash course in
Breakups 101 (Step 1: Remember
How to Breathe.)
In…love with the idea of who I once thought you were.
Out…with the contents of all of your drawers, your shelves, my heart.
In…time to salvage my own sanity? Perhaps.
Out…of my comfort zone, alone.
Steps 2-100 were a little easier,
though number 67 kinda stank.

So, I guess all these years later
I’ve got two words for you.
The second one is “You.”
And the first one isn’t “Screw.”
It’s “Thank.”



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8 Responses to Getting Over You

  1. whimsygizmo says:

    Written for Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday over at Magic in the Backyard:

    Come play!

  2. soooo love the “Thank”. I actually wrote one today that speaks of a past relationship but…I was well, really mean lol. Still debating on posting it or not. I am thrilled you wrote for me again! Thank you for your support of my FWF! Very happy to have you playing! BIG HUGS!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 🙂 I’ve written about many previous paramours, but never this classy. You am an inspiration, De!

  4. Lindy Lee says:

    Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, 1962 hit recording by Neal Sedaka might hit a chord, even though this may be a couple of generations removed from your life…

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