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Draw a line in the sand. Don’t cross it. Color inside only, and only in the most muted of tones. Show ID. Please keep all limbs and appendages inside the vehicle. Control all spon -taneous laughter. A proper level of … Continue reading

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Tiny things, really this murmured beat these tired feet this sigh. Miniscule details, honestly your deviant powers these waiting hours this lie. Trivial losses, I suppose some ink, some tears four years this I.    

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Inspired by the line: ‘My name was smoke in her mouth.’ By Tim Siebles   She inhales me whole. Drags deep holds soul in ribbed cage brands her mark along these ashen edges and before I can collect the singed … Continue reading

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rushes in; china shop destroyed. Not me. Frozen tongue, hesitant spirit. It takes a fiery bush to get my full attention and then you’ll find me face down sans sandals questioning everything. Who am I? Prince Brick Maker under this … Continue reading

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Press this four-leaf clover between my folds spice this page with salt and sage cloak your tongue in truth lean in read deep sign your name in tears.  

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