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Nobody’s worth giving up the last bite of Ben & Jerry’s

Sorry, love. I know I promised to love honor cherish respect etcetera, etcetera, etcetera I know you are my best friend soul mate true love partner in parenting crime I know you’ve given me patience understanding love acceptance and two … Continue reading

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Write Stupider

Let’s get silly. Dang -le our participles out for all to see scribble with glee in purple-periwinkle pen abandon the laws.of;punk tu-a,tion and then toss it all to the wind and begin again. Let’s get stupid. Forget we know the … Continue reading

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Mars Needs Moms?

It can have me. As long as there’s a cold adult libation and plenty of rest and relaxation and more unwinding and un-whining than I can handle. Beam me up, Whoorgh, or whatsyername (I won’t even ask), and I’ll settle … Continue reading

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Dear De,

Okay, you. Seriously. Enough with the pessimism, and the procras ti na tion tendencies and the self flagellation sessions and the hesi tation. Keep writing. And every once in a teeny, tiny while, send something. Somewhere. Doesn’t even matter where, … Continue reading

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