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This brambled heart isn’t ready to be heard; it’s still hiding here in the under -brush. These painted words aren’t meant for another’s eyes, disguised as poems shed like shattered tears. For years she thought and fought, and wrought what … Continue reading

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Double Dog

She sets her hair her teeth the clock eyes the door with an icy stare and dares him to come home. She bites her nails her skin her tongue listens with perked ears for the keys oh, please this time, … Continue reading

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(a Fib)   These words baffle me, steal all I am, negate hope, then flee, elegant and free.  

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She’s there somewhere in this looking glass half full, the girl she once was; whole, held happy. She has lost much along the way, entire pieces lopped off, left behind for dead and the rest is slightly singed, fringed with … Continue reading

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