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Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?

No, but spring will have to do, these hues your vernal, verdant smile: golden, wild. Shall I put thee upon flowered stage? No way; but bask in sunlight: your eyes. Your limbs, my anchored tree, as cool breeze blows across … Continue reading

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This Diligent Heart

is still dying (trying) to nudge and nurture these words out into the world, push phrase past this reluctant phase seize these ardent amateur days allow generous, gentle, graceful praise to give them feathered hope, for flying.    

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Lake Effect

I breathe in blue. This hue imbues my lungs, my tongue, my very skin. Lashes fringed in fir, soul stirs along Lake’s looking glass, sleeps sound in sand. Wave’s lullaby this shore-shone sigh echoes my quiet heart, pebbled with promise. … Continue reading

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Hieroglyphics of the Heart

The truth was in what wasn’t. Loud as blood-red stone paintings, these sinister, subtle markings scorched onto our canyon walls, these absent tracings erasing the story of us. The not-quite-there-ness of your hand in mine, the way your eyes no … Continue reading

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Fly, at The Hole in the Wall

See those two over there in the corner? She’s married, but not to him. He knows it, but pretending he don’t. The couple over there are married but role-playin’ that they ain’t. Go figure. That one, he’s a player. Tonight’s … Continue reading

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