When he walks alone
the trees whisper their songs
and he sings along, tuning his soul.

When the evening light
shades fall soft, just right
his wondering heartbeat will steady, slow.


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9 Responses to Wander

  1. whimsygizmo says:

    Photo credit: James Rainsford. More of his great photos, and the prompt that inspired this poem, over at dVerse:

  2. brian says:

    smiles…nice…walks like that do wonders for me…and def tune my soul…just to be out in nature…and like the mirror of the sundown to his heart….

  3. swanrose says:

    Nice I love walks

  4. markwindham says:

    tuning his soul to tree songs, love it.

  5. I like how you broke this into two reflections. Beauty in these tree songs and still times.

  6. Your words complement the image to perfection.

  7. I love the interraction between the “walking man” and nature. Nice poem.

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