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One Friday

  One Friday He wrote my name on the palms of His hands wove forgiveness into a crown of thorns and spread His arms wide to hold the world. One Friday perfection endured pain a King became a slave and … Continue reading

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Fractured Fairy Tale

Jack. Jill. Water. Hill. Oh, sure. They fell. But what nobody tells is what the heck Jack was doing up there with Jill in the first place, when he’s supposedly going steady with Bo Peep. And nobody bothers to remember … Continue reading

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She’s still waiting for the perfect phrase as these quill-soaked days run, one into the other, inky blue ellipses. The best is yet to be, they sell her, but she is kind of attached to these blank spaces, marching margins … Continue reading

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  If there weren’t a sky within your chest worth breaking, believe me, you would have stopped all this singing by now. –       Patrick Rosal’s “Despedida Ardiente” from Boneshepherds Sempre   Free these lungs, this gasping grasping breath this vast … Continue reading

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Artist Alchemist

Contemplating the craft: Mix tears like acid rain collect oil slicks of puddled hope sweep the tender pieces of what’s left into supple piles sprinkle with joy oil all wiles squeeze creative juice loose. Gauge acumen accordingly. Keep writing anyway.

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Looking for herself in the mirror

There’s someone in there, gender XX for certain, long curtain of hair hiding tent -ative smile. Small spark in green eyes no surprise but seldom shared, should -ers squared against a world that once wounded. Fingers cramped from flow -ing … Continue reading

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