Daily Archives: March 29, 2012

Sapphire Summer

They run together like indigo ink, Lake water throwing back perfect sky, blue eyes flashing with sandy, wave-lapped laughter. These summers these liquid weeks flow into our souls and slip so quickly through our hands. The footprints of our kids … Continue reading

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Adagio, Adonai

At ease. It’s the way my heart feels when I lift my hands and stand knowing you are listening; knowing you are smiling because this is my truest me, this De who finally sheds herself fears, tears hesitant heart and … Continue reading

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Sweet Dreams

You snore. I knew this, of course, but when I am not trying to sleep, the reverberation is somehow Soothing. Rhythmic. Reassuring. This ploomfy bed, soft as a cloud, downy peaceful cocoon pillowed all around me whispers fragrance of my … Continue reading

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