Sweet Dreams

You snore.

I knew this, of course,
but when I am not trying to sleep,
the reverberation is somehow
Soothing. Rhythmic. Reassuring.
This ploomfy bed, soft as a cloud,
downy peaceful cocoon
pillowed all around me
whispers fragrance of my jasmine lotion
and your spicy shower gel
and our sweet pup’s mingled scent
of grass and sunshine. The moon winks
in just right through the blinds, and
the clock blinks numbers that mean
there is time, time to rest and to
write. My breath is steady, content,
bent on finding the truest words
to name this moment, this quiet
place, this grace. My tongue hides
behind smooth teeth, fresh toothpaste
taste lingers. My fingers woo warm,
forgiving keys as I click and clack and
watch the black
but the words
don’t know; they are not enough to
capture this scene, hold the outline of your
sleeping face by the light of this screen.


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12 Responses to Sweet Dreams

  1. This is such a sweet moment, tender and true. Love the beauty in your words…reverse snow, gracing us, thank you, De. ❤

  2. What a reflective sensiblity here. I like it. My three most recent posts, I think reflect a similar sentiment … i.e. peaceful unique and loving companionship. If you have time check them out.

  3. markwindham says:

    Very nice. ‘ploomfy’ :-), more verbose than your usual, but in a good way. ‘words like reverse snow”the words don’t know’, great concept and image there.

  4. Laurie Kolp says:

    What a sweet moment you have captured… makes me want to crawl back in bed and I can easily imagine the smells. Great form, internal rhyme.

  5. siubhan says:

    such tender beauty in this… it tears at the heart.

    oh, and i also agree “ploomfy” is a great word! 🙂

  6. Shawna says:

    “ploomfy” … what a great word 🙂 More great stuff:

    “whispers fragrance of my jasmine lotion and your spicy shower gel”
    “the moon winks … the clock blinks”
    “the truest words to name this moment”
    “like reverse snow”

  7. Lovely! I feel a bit like a peeping tom though, sneaking glimpse into a private moment. Nicely done!

  8. Chazinator says:

    Ahh, lovely with the sweetest sentiment conveyed with such care and clarity. Wonderfully written.

  9. Ooooh. I felt like clicking “Like” about a dozen times. This is so real (and familiar-ha!) Just a beautiful moment you share with us. Thank you.

  10. vivinfrance says:

    This is the perfect response to Victoria’s prompt: detailed, meaningful, loving, funny ( nice funny).
    And thank you for adding a gorgeous new word to my vocabulary ” ploomfy”.

  11. Lindy Lee says:

    “Reverse snow” You’re good, Whimsygizmo, real good. Very nice write, as usual…

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