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Celestial Caller

This piece of sky is mine all indigo haze and cotton candy fluff and silver lining and jet stream hope. This sliver of sun can’t shine unless I polish it daily stoke its flames warm my hands in its grateful … Continue reading

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I hate to wake you, hate to go but my wandering soul has grown restless again ¾ water sloshing around in my skin and longing for salt. My fault, I know this need for spice and song, this longing for … Continue reading

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Where are you from? ……….How to answer this, since she is born one place, living another (with two handfuls in between) versus soul longing for a shore ……….she is not from, but of. Between here and there beyond her frail … Continue reading

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Nourish, meant

She’s healing. Steeped here in her natural habitat of mint and aloe and salt water and fresh-mown grass absence of doubt waxing gibbous June drift wood floating.

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