Last Words

You lift your left hand

the one that traced hope onto my cheek

the one that laced my fingers into songs

the one that held my heart

       sort of flutter it in the air

     and a wave of

         I’ll miss you

         I’m sorry

         I wish

         I want



washes over me.

                  An anthology of us, it is enough.

I lift my right

         and bid it flow

                  just so

         somehow sign all my soul must spill

                  but it cramps, and falls

                           and too much remains

                                             unsaid, unwritten.

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4 Responses to Last Words

  1. Shawna says:

    I love the way you play with sound and space. And I’m moved by your disregard of rules and boundaries.

    “I wish
    I want

    “An anthology of us, it is enough.
    I lift my right
    and bid it flow”

    “and too much remains
    unsaid, unwritten”

    Sounds like a poetry sequel is coming. 🙂

    I promise to go away now; I know I’m driving you crazy stalking your blog. We have family Easter activities this afternoon, so you’ll be rid of me for hours.

  2. whimsygizmo says:

    Thank you, ma’am. If by “driving you crazy” you mean “validating your writing existence daily” then, um…yeah.

    Happy Easter fun. Make time to write later. I’m slightly addicted to rosemary. And mint.

  3. So cool how you’ve crafted this, the placement and words all of this unspoken, spoken perfectly! Great one, De!

  4. You have a gift for saying so much in so few words — and even, apparently, with no words at all. 🙂 Lovely & heartfelt, De!

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