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Dear Painting of the Bertrand Cafe,

I wish I could fade into you, sipping a foamy latte in a robin’s egg chair, breathing in the Paris air and dreaming of our crooked Cricklewood days. Miles from there, some cinnamon breeze would stir the trees, as they … Continue reading

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Swallowing Stars

When we finally find the field where we can eat our words, you discover the adverbs are too acrid on your tongue, and trade them to me for the most transitive of verbs. We lie on our backs and savor … Continue reading

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Oh, April.

How we both love and loathe thee. Sweet stanza, dramatic energy up to your old tricks and tempt -ations: undone laundry, robust blend coffee, ticking clocks and tapping pens. We glance about, not quite living in the three-dim -ensional world, … Continue reading

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Go on over and get you some Blue Guitar.

Are you writing at least a poem a day this month? Yup. Me, too. And it’s all I can do to keep up. But some kind souls are stretching out even further, and featuring the writing and blogs of others. … Continue reading

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Take me to your

  Walmart, the little guy said. Walmart? I mooned. Walmart, he crooned. But why? I sighed, and the chartreuse guy replied, Simple, earthling, can’t you see? It’s the one place on this bluegreen rock where no one will notice me. … Continue reading

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In this Poem

you can taste verbs. To love is butterscotch with a touch of Tabasco, see? You can touch sound, because it’s in -digo now, and corrugated, but satin on your fingertips. Hold this whisper; grasp that sob, caress it against your … Continue reading

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