In this Poem

you can taste verbs. To love
is butterscotch with a touch
of Tabasco, see? You can
touch sound, because it’s in
-digo now, and corrugated,
but satin on your fingertips.
Hold this whisper; grasp that
sob, caress it against your
cheek, speak in vermillion
and scarlet and jade and
amber. Pick hope and fly
and laugh and shine from
silver slivered sparrow trees,
breathe an amethyst breeze
and sink your toes into the
giggling longing in your lungs.
Become these sweet and spicy
hues, and sprinkle their
sugared sands into your
soul. These senses are no
longer invisible, immortal now,
in their own fresh skins. Dig in
and savor this salted sapphire
song. Press these licorice heartbeats
to your palm, and follow them home.


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21 Responses to In this Poem

  1. Shawna says:

    This is gorgeous. So many great words: “butterscotch,” “corrugated,” “Hold this whisper; grasp that
    sob,” “silver slivered sparrow trees, breathe an amethyst breeze,” “giggling longing in your lungs,” “licorice heartbeats” … So creative. 🙂

  2. Sarav says:

    Wow! That is truly tasty and fabulous–so many lovely images, my mind danced through the whole poem–happy happy 🙂

  3. brian miller says:

    ha i like the concept in all of this…how cool would it be if we really could taste verbs…if our other senses really captured what all was in a verb….fun mental meanderings…

  4. Very cool…I love the idea of tying these phenonmenon into sensory experiences. I also enjoyed the visual structure you gave the poem.

  5. Very tasty dish indeed. A good feed for the senses

  6. I love all the sensory experience…my tongue twitch with butterscotch …very nice ~

  7. Margaret says:

    An imaginative explosion! Very fun.

  8. meenarose says:

    De: speaking as a synesthete (someone with fused senses), I really resonated with this piece. In my case, words have taste and sounds come with color and texture. It is a truly different experience when something is read aloud versus me reading it silently.

  9. hedgewitch says:

    This is a multi-sensory feast of image–and taste and sound and feel…and..and indigo! Does it get any better than that? Don’t think so.

  10. poetcolette says:

    Now I am hungry.
    Yet your words are so gourmet.

  11. ihatepoetry says:

    Ooo-wee, dis is good! This is a tour-de-force and it made me hungry, which means you got right to my soul. Great writing, de!

  12. Lindy Lee says:

    “In This Poem” tickles the senses with flavors & colors…

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