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(a shadorma)     Her words are crimson houses spilled at her own feet. She longs to someday fully dwell in these bold scattered shells.

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Coffee and Words

Anybody else getting punchy, here on ye old day 18? My hubbie shared this with me this morning, and it soooo fits. Hope it brings all you terrific, prolific poets a smile.

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Song for the Sacred Spirit Scribes

(a modified Triolet trio) Awake, awake, oh sleepy souls and sing of silent things, this eyelash flutter to unfold. Awake, awake, oh sleepy souls, unfurl your sacred tear-spilled scrolls and give these words their wings. Awake, awake, oh sleepy souls … Continue reading

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Puddle Pie

Puddle Pie! Puddle Pie! Dirt-licious local Puddle Pie! Some with beetles, some with flies, you can get them any size, seasoned with grass and flower bud. Or would you like yours ala mud?

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Swedish Pancakes

She browns them so thin you can see through them, then fills and folds them over t u c k s but the sweet goodness in the middle spills out over the edges unable to be contained. I can still … Continue reading

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