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(a Fib) we run and laugh and swim, clad only in moonlight and long starry night promises.   ..

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We hold our births and our deaths (be -ginning, end) sacred and we celebrate the innate ability to last another year with tiny fires. We blow candles and sing songs and bestow gifts or we coo, and ogle the new … Continue reading

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Not Being Old or Blue

Not being old or blue, I held tongue in hate’s respect: Always out of heaven won’t you to dying thing Take under, water your heart From no one, Fly in its youthful honesty out of the weak stillness Not to … Continue reading

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The candle that burns strongest still in her mind is the one pushed into store-bought Hostess cupcake, met alone with closed eyes, small simple imploring wishes and a whispered Day 1.  ..

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Until Knowledge is Last

(after E.E. Cummings) until knowledge is last what completely ignores the semantics of nothing won’t ever half kill me; partly not to be a wise soul after Winter uninhabits heaven your tears disapprove and kicking is a better choice than … Continue reading

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Had a belly full of boy and a brother at the Pentagon the day the towers (skyhopeworld) came tum bling down. We were among those who watched in terrible technicolor waiting waiting waiting to see what would happen next gasping … Continue reading

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Her son is dead and there’s a daughter in my belly just days from being born. We stand numb, sentences stumble in fragments, hands flutter, lost for what to do but pat, hold, clutch, cling. We sit in rows, drenched … Continue reading

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