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make hay(na)ku while the sun shines

of mourning emptied. his closets, her torn heart. of evening shadows spill doubt. she aches, without. of longing desire? just this: to know herself. of morning daybreak. sky shouts a new song. ..

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Freshman Biology

I remember feeling sorry for the slimy little suckers as we sliced them open, identifying organs: lungs, stomach, liver, heart; scraping cell samples from each onto glass slides identifying comparing contrasting taking notes, Mr. G jabbering on kingdom, phylum, class, … Continue reading

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One for the Ladies

(a kyrielle) Look very closely, yes it’s true, He’s made of diff’rent stuff than you. Things known him and him alone It must be that “Y” chromosome. He only has one word for “bummed;” We have one hundred eighty-one. “Fine” … Continue reading

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  It’s like one of those quizzes (Can you guess what this is?) where it looks like a giant Seussian forest of terrifying tubular trees screaming up to the sky and it’s really just a tiny patch of hair. We … Continue reading

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