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Hold still,

for you are my world. Everything else is all tilted on this funky axis, revolv -ing around God-knows-what, unbound by gravity or grace, whirling into outer space on twisted tired wings. These microscopic things steal breath and hope and time; … Continue reading

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One for the Words

They don’t always love you back, these crazy words, these unfound nouns and adverse adjectives and ridiculously silly adverbs with their ly-ly-ly songs, these wandering verbs conjugating their own tense and overactive hearts. Some days, they just outright r e … Continue reading


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Love (this Beautiful Outlaw)

  If I strip this with my wish its kiss its fist its first, and past its hands and atrium and missing mast its fraught, caught mass its sad rhythm and happy sky its what cry and crazy why, its … Continue reading

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I unzipped my heart and tucked you deep inside let you seal       (heal) my most broken places restring my fragile beat, buried you deep carried you long married you, my song.

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When We Knew

(a Lipogram) The moment you no longer thought of me, no longer sought from me one ounce worth green, or blue we knew we were gone. These lost elements of me, some lone crumb of you, now unseen. Gone. Went. … Continue reading

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