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In Memoriam

I remember before the words came when the world still lay gray and my heart pulled, pooled full at the edges and I didn’t yet know how to spill it. I remember when the first phrase played across my young … Continue reading

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The Violist

It’s the intermezzo that messes with her this pallid palaver in between notes, this infernal intermission while the cadre waits, caught as the conductor’s mastoid profile milks his moment in the spotlight, bilks their precious momentum, waxes quixotic about the … Continue reading

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Squashing the Sun

As kids we played this game where we squished the setting sun (I’m crushing your head!) between pointer finger and thumb as it set in the crimson sky. I remember feeling powerful, large all of that fire, heat snuffed out … Continue reading

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               let’s                    not                  look            back.                     just              fade                 to                   black. .

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Slow Fade

  Trace that filament on the horizon, the bleed of all we are, uncontainable. The day is tumbling loose from this scarlet sky, and I am filled, spilled, fallen too – in, out of will, grace, time. Please: hold these … Continue reading

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