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The Open Road

She’s hittin’ it finally gettin’ it just before it’s too late: Not all roads lead home and none of ’em are straight. .

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Cyber Love

Today not one but TWO kind and generous souls nominated me for this cyber-award. Please head over and give them some love: Jeannine Everett at Moby Joe Cafe (be sure to check out her delightful Momaiku and a great post … Continue reading

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Oh, generous key -stroke. Linking ……………law, order time, space Barnes, Noble ………………..Abercrombie, Fitch. I have just one question (teensy glitch)… Why do you penalize the lonely? coupling everyone but he ….& ………………………..me. .

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On yelling into the void and waiting for an echo

You hold your breath first, always, just in case that tiny second might allow the universe to let someone new answer; fill your lungs – broken as these cragged and crimson walls – with lonely air, cross your fingers and … Continue reading

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sucking you in.

  Nature (poor tired old gal)  abhors emptiness so i invite you to move over here to areas of less matter, and let’s talk of absences quickly           (perhaps foolishly) filled. …

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Night Fall

She sits consumed by an aching half moon listening to an owl moan questions for which she has no breath. .

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