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  It was an ancient 1975 AMC Concord, her white horse, the getaway car she would point straight out of Podunk, Nevada once and for all. It was the tiny trail of terrible men she tossed her heart at, when … Continue reading

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Juggle Mama

The Juggler, by Teresa Dresden  . . They have no idea these balls the plates (sometimes a little fire on the side), the desire to fawn over every eyelash flutter but navigate needs like a triage gestapo. But somehow (fueled … Continue reading

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Blasted with Sighs, Surrounded with Tears

(title and tone “borrowed” from John Donne’s Twicknam Garden)   Hither I come to seek the spring, this spider love this Manna turned to gall this all these laughing, mocking trees and these hearts unshined in eyes this serpentine Paradise … Continue reading

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Last Course

  We’re halfway through the jubilee when you inform me that this was our last supper ………………..and all I can do is ………………..crush what’s left of ………………..these crimson cherries ………………..into a bloodied heart.   .

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Mama, are they birds? Great black clouds of winged things in the evening sky diving in and out of our (circle) attic window. I am not afraid. Daddy is here and I want their wings and ability to stay up … Continue reading

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  She crimps the edges just right around the skin -ned apples, dough mixed with salt water on a day spent half baked. .

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Nutmeg Cookies

Formica table elbows noses all dusted in flour, sprinkles and grins at the ready. Grandma Poland grinds the nutmeg (“ground prit’neart tastes like dirt”) fresh into the dough kneads it with strong arms that don’t yet know how to drive. … Continue reading

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