What of flutter?
She can morph and mimic her way
into next Tuesday,
funnel tortoise slow
honeydew smile
into faster fragrant frowns
sit down
and crochet her own
surgical transcriptions
vulnerable before predator
and priest;
………………………… least
she’s honest.

Heart dry,
she can excrete ink
in orange, blue, brown
indigo too
any hue you choose
proboscis pen to page
coherent rage
(and religion)
of photonics

Look on her back
and you’ll find
the eyespot
endemic to her kind;
it sees nothing
knows all
and sheds
its sodium-knobbed
pheromone tears
out into the world
to be caught
by someone else’s
pencil lead.

Dread this winged tunnel,
bristle-wet and
reeking of incense and
jaguar sinew sprung
and ready



Prompt and art from:
Rosemary Mint’s Monday Melting.

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21 Responses to Imago

  1. hobgoblin2011 says:

    This is a fantastic piece. Very cool flow, the way you got the words to mesh. Love the way you fit the words in here, I couldn’t figure out how to get proboscis in there, great job. Thanks

  2. This speaks of performance poetry at its best, and should be read onstage to convey its expressionism to its fullness.

    • Shawna says:

      We are all pressing the “publish” button on this one, De. As you told me, get thee to a publisher immediately.

      • Shawna says:

        Oh yes, and as Sam said, please record us a video. And would you mind wearing a glittery costume? Thanks in advance. 😉

  3. Shawna says:

    Oh my word, I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love so quickly. Can I get that girl’s number?!

    This may be the best poem you’ve ever written. Of course, I haven’t read them all, and I am prone to speak out of whim.

    This is so delicious that it doesn’t even need the traditional honey-drizzle. I’m licking it as-is, and the downward-throat-flow is a slow oozing trickle giving my stomach esophageal-envy.

    These are the best of the best:
    “She can morph and mimic her way into next Tuesday”
    “crochet her own surgical transcriptions”
    “vulnerable before predator and priest”
    “at least she’s honest”
    “coherent rage spent”
    “Look on her back and you’ll find the eyespot”
    “it sees nothing knows all”
    “to be caught by someone else’s pencil lead”
    “bristle-wet and reeking of incense”
    “jaguar sinew sprung and ready”

    I love the meaning of the title, particularly taking the psychoanalytical definition into account: “an idealized concept of a loved one, formed in childhood and retained unaltered in adult life”

  4. You’ve taken an often cliched image and inferences and turned them on their sides, proving that there is nothing new… there is nothing old… creation is recreation…

  5. whimsygizmo says:

    Thank you all, so much. These words literally FLEW off of the page at me, and just about wrote themselves. I didn’t even know I was going to use them all in order until I was trucking along. Fantastic words, Shawna. THANK YOU.

  6. leahJlynn says:

    Great job on the prompt, I love the flow and rhythm of your poem. The Mc in this was always well written and worth getting to know to the end.

  7. I can’t believe you used them all and made them flow so well. WOW! Tres creative!

  8. ginn3music says:

    Incredible–inspired–I concur with the need for performance and publishing. Great work!!!

  9. shawnacy says:

    i can NEVER do a ‘fit all these words into a poem’ poem without being intentionally tongue in cheek. But this is anything but doggerel. hats off, on this one.

  10. Tania says:

    Holy cow. I bow to your skill. Amazing.

  11. markwindham says:

    excellent. so much to like, lets go with ‘what Shawna said’. She pretty much covered it and said it better than i ever could. 🙂

  12. whimsygizmo says:

    Also shared at dVerse Open Link Night. Head over, grab a seat at the bar, and read some great poets.

  13. This is one that you just want to go…. WOW too… soo…wow!~!
    What a fabulous read. If it just flowed out of you then it’s even more of a fabulous read.

  14. brian miller says:

    this just sounds good to read…gret use of allit and a wicked flow throughout…would def love to hear it performed…and in the least
    she’s honest.


  15. Laurie Kolp says:

    De- This is fabulous. Love the aliteration and internal rhyme. I agree that it would be great performed and needs to be submitted!

  16. I like how creatively you weaved the words of the melting pot ~ Lovely work ~
    My one little issue though is sometimes I feel that its not you because of the choice of words, like I am hearing someone’s else voice ~ But aside from that, this is well done ~

  17. Savoring so many phrases here. I am particularly taken with “crochet her own surgical transcriptions” – delicious

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