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Brushing Her Hair

Image Credit It’s ghost-white now and more wiry no longer the spun silk that once spilled over ……….(his body) her shoulders and poured loose down to her waist, but he still loves to run his fingers through it, brush it … Continue reading

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Questions from the Garden

Flickr, Eden Apple Was it red, this infamous know-it-all fruit? Or has the poor innocent physician-repelling apple been wrongfully accused? Did Adam go through life’s cage sans one rib, lung exposed, or did he start with one extra? And did … Continue reading

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Poem Warning Label

To flesh out the brokenword bones even the curious novice must sear her own inky skin; open whispered vein, begin. (Results vary.) . Written for Three Word Wednesday.

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Getting There

I am still listening to the rumble of rubber on asphalt even as the salt seeps into my skin. We’re still swallow -ing bright yellow lines and vague road signs as mile after mile after mile pulls us farther and … Continue reading

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