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It’s windy today and I.do.not.like.wind. (there’s some metaphor for change there somewhere, if you look deep) but it’s time to write something anyway even with the howling and the creaking and the allergy air assaulting my nose. The trees seem … Continue reading

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How to Breathe

1. First, you must thrust your fists into ribcage, free your heart. 2. Fold the edges back together, stitch with saltwater string, and song. 3. Find what’s left, puddled behind bone, break it loose; exhale, strong. .

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Ebony Rising

Seize these remote edges, extent of darkness split-spilt -sunk; unwind, release this sacred skeletal shrine too long tarried, ripened in reason and hewn in hope, old bones creaking in stubborn breeze, strung a -loft, braided loose at the nape of … Continue reading

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Skin and Bones and Finer Thrones

We sing this world is not my home but my feet are dirty with this earth and my soul is tethered here under all this gaping indigo sky. They say sticks and stones break, take what they want, that words … Continue reading

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