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Road Work

photo credit You want my shoes? You can have ’em. They’re tired and worn and the laces are torn from so many tattered miles. This quiet place was hard fought, wrought in tears and ink and stones unthrown, impossible truths … Continue reading

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House At Dusk, 1935, Edward Hopper This place holds my bones but not my heart. Just silent stone and steel and fading sunset. No ocean view and no ……………….you. . Written for The Mag. 

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Mishmash Muse

Photo by Daryl Edelstein, mosaic by Isaiah Zagar. My left dimple is indigo Tahoe sea glass tumbled by time and tide and troubled moon. Right eye is favored aggie marble, pressed above cold-cracked dinner plate cheekbone. Lips are freckled in … Continue reading

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Fair Play

Ferris Wheel, by Flickr You were supposed to kiss me at the top. The fact that you didn’t know that rumbles my guts worse than that crazy Tilt-a-Whirl ride I only went on because you wanted to and the spark … Continue reading

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  Scrape my tongue for brittle words absent austere barnacles drenched in sea and salt, collect these chalk-drawn flinty things that blur and slur and dis -appear, betray more burnished skins. This swollen cocoon is rough with my becoming; this … Continue reading

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