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Market Value

  . We forego the yoga dye the day café espresso instead sculpt sundress sandal -wood serenity into soft drum -ing rain, raspberry stained lips sip serum natural opium hope.   . Written for Rosemary Mint’s Monday Melting.

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Unpacking Camp

for Abby, Chloe, Madison, Zoe, Savannah, Shelby and Heaven (not listed in order of pic)  Day 1. Up at 4 am, to the buses by 6:15. Four hours with 50 kids. We arrive, haul luggage and trepidation through dust and … Continue reading

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How to Murder a Poem in 9 Seconds Flat

Image credit here.  Hamper all salt water ………………(tears, sweat, sea) Pulverize the page ………………………. (smash all quiet spaces) Taunt words back ………………………..  into their hiding places. Written for Three Word Wednesday’s Prompt.

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Summer Sprite

Image credit: Etsy.  What sort of sound does a pixie make if you pour honey in her wake, grow wise to her paper absinthe smile subtract her dust just float awhile on ample apple orchard dreams and crooked radio frequencies? … Continue reading

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She laces jasmine around the necks of her demons; window open just a scrap, ample escape space for some flawed granite idol trapped between a whistle moon and its sunset domain.   . Written for The Sunday Whirl Wordle.

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Me Versus Verses

Wanting to write but the words are tired, creative license perhaps long expired. Tomorrow’s a better the place to start to reconcile foggy brain and bursting heart.     . Written for Poetic Asides.

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Acoustic De

  I will be incommunicado tomorrow (Friday) until Wednesday; at KidsCamp with our hooligans. Have packed a great notebook and a favorite pen, so I will still be writing daily, just not posting online or visiting other sites. Happy writing … Continue reading

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Haphazard Heart

. Jagged around the edges smooth at center her sleeve-worn heaven-sworn heart (never looking back) rests in lack sings with abun -dance.   . Written for Poets United. 

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thin blue line

there’s a melancholy median between the words her indigo toes know and the inky tracings of blue-hued heart. sapphire sea calls desert drains, this remains: blue bleeds blue until the Son shines through. . Written for Trifecta.

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  . There’s a fog settling in. Not the romantic kind that makes you want to pick up a pen and write a mystery or a profound statement invoking little cat feet. The kind that sits on your chest like … Continue reading

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