Me Versus Verses

Wanting to write
but the words are tired,
creative license
perhaps long expired.

Tomorrow’s a better
the place to start
to reconcile foggy brain
and bursting heart.



Written for Poetic Asides.

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15 Responses to Me Versus Verses

  1. Love to your sweet and perfectly poetic heart, De!! I’ve missed YOU and your verses!! ((hugs))

  2. Misky says:

    Welcome home, De. I’m looking forward to reading your work again.

  3. Oh gosh De, that was me cleaning out the garage yesterday. Why do the best lines and best rewrite ideas come as you have one massive “Take to transfer station” and one massive “Take to charity shop” pile in the middle of the garage floor and you’re blocking the neighbour’s driveway with the cars? So unfair!

  4. rosemary mint says:

    It IS hard to come back and find your footing again with poetry. It feels awkward, and you are tired. You almost wonder if you were ever a good writer at all. (But I assure you, you are.) Plus, you know everyone is expecting you to pop out a bunch of magic to make up for the time you were gone. It’s a lot of pressure. (But pop it out, baby!)

    I love your title. And this:
    “Tomorrow’s a better
    the place to start”

    You may have a typo, like “the” needing to be deleted. But I just love the forced pause between the two lines, pointing out that there’s something different here that must be reread. “Better” as a noun is superb. Like it has its very own identity and should be emphasized and mulled over. Tomorrow IS a better. Always.

  5. rosemary mint says:

    P.S. My advice is to start today as if you were all caught up on reading and writing for every prompt. Only focus on what is offered today. You’ll make yourself mad worrying about what you missed while you were gone. And then your muse will swim far, far away.

  6. Sarav says:

    Bring cookies (the good kind), coffee and a seashell to your muse, she’ll be sure to sing for you
    Very nice to have you back!

  7. sorrygnat says:

    where were you; missed you; hugs

  8. Mary says:

    Ah, that is pretty much how I feel right now too. There are a few prompts I want to write to, but no words / thoughts come. Perhaps I will wait until ‘tomorrow’ as well.

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