How to Write a Poem with Laryngitis

Unleash the leather
all thumbs
vacant crunching phrase
syntax strutting slouch
limped lyric
eccentric genius demons
monastery impotence
hospital surgical sterility
correct grammar
and love hate confused muse

Draw a generous circle in the sand.
Throw all you are into the breeze.
…………………..Dance in whatever lands.

Written for Shawna’s Words.

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5 Responses to How to Write a Poem with Laryngitis

  1. “Unleash the leather” … Now THAT is the way to start a poem! 🙂

    “all thumbs” … This is so me. I love those next several lines describing the impotent feeling of being unable to write.

    “eccentric genius demons” … The two simply must go together.
    Eccentric Genius + Demons = Brilliant Art … There is simply no other way.

    “monastery impotence” … I just love this. 🙂 I cannot even imagine the repression that must take place inside such walls. Although, this could also describe a spiritual impotence or any feelings of restraint for a good cause or growth of some sort. This just makes me think of closing yourself off, separating yourself from natural impulses, to do really important work … and then being unable to do the work. In the case of your poem, I picture a writer who carves out a window to write or who perhaps has a secluded writing cabin in the woods just for concentrating on his/her work … but when given the space, time, and instruments, he/she experiences extreme writer’s block.

    “hospital surgical sterility
    correct grammar” … You have all the tools. You know what you’re doing. You’ve prepared the table and the pens, but you simply cannot cut the words.

    “and love hate confused muse
    triangle” … Poor little mermaid. Her tail is tired. I like your spin on “love triangle.” 🙂

    “Draw a generous circle in the sand.” … I love this variation. Not a mean bully of a line, but a forgiving and loving circle.

    “Throw all you are into the breeze.
    Dance in whatever lands.” … I cannot tell you how much I love this ending, especially throwing yourself in the breeze. What if nothing lands?! But seriously, yes. Sometimes we just need to shake up our contents and let them swirl around, recombining into a “new you.”

    I love this poem. Excellent, gorgeous, sage advice.

  2. Mary says:

    Really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the last stanza!

  3. ihatepoetry says:

    IT’s all good, but this is best:

    Draw a generous circle in the sand.
    Throw all you are into the breeze.
    …………………..Dance in whatever lands.

    Much love, Mosk

  4. aloha Whimsygizmo. i agree the last stanza pulls everything that goes on before it into place for me. what i like most is the visual image you create by doing this. it’s strong and it works and i’m ready to dance. aloha.

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