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…. She is caught between fire and earth, arched beast and sea goat. Warrior wallflower on cloven-hooved feet, she sings, slings one last arrow into her own beating bleating heart.   … What’s your sign? These are mine. Head over … Continue reading

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Isolated Incident

…. Bathe this day in ink and plume, make room for open vein. Court phrase, words wooed into bottle, pocket, page. Thread silver lines through coral sun, rare ball of fire flung loose over dry and desperate earth. Give birth … Continue reading

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Somebody Else’s 33 Words

….. whose ignorant each breathing dares to hide more than most fabulous wisdom fears to see (who laugh and cry) who dream, create and kill while the whole moves; and every part stands still: … Submitted for Trifecta, an excerpt … Continue reading

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