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There are things I know, and you do not listen.

…….. Lithe, I um -brella the truth, and wait for ……..salt ….water ……..storm. We buy our polar opposites for shekels and a bold bruised song. The rain falls, cold. Beginning as bone, we be -come stone. … Written for Trifecta. … Continue reading

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Chai Tea and Chia Teeth

…… Today is a (rainy) day for straggled thoughts and random phrase. I desperate -ly want a chai, please and I just sprinkled chia seeds on my Greek yogurt. If I caffeinate the air, will my teeth grow hair? Do … Continue reading

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Ocean Song

Yemaya Oshun, by Chelsea Bednar Check out this blog post about the process of creating this gorgeous piece.¬†¬† …. I am daughter of the waters. Swirl me sweet along your shores, and let us foam and fall. Hold me in … Continue reading

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Holy Cats

… And cows. And moly. And smokes. And WOW. My poem, The Graffiti of Grace, was featured on WordPress’s Freshly Pressed¬†yesterday (it’s still up today, just down lower on the feed), and oh.my.goodness. In the last 24 hours, I have … Continue reading

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Drinking in the Day

….. Today I want to play and rush and write. But this rain says: slow. Be still. Just know. ………

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