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It’s done and she’s won nothing but a restless heart and breathless gills that still don’t quite fit. That’s it. Straw and camel and stepped-on crack. Her back aches and it takes all she has just to smile. She still … Continue reading

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Blank Pages

… The white will always beckon. Never stop pressing your heart to it; never don’t spill those inky veins. Offer your words to a world that needs them, even when it feels like no one sees them. Tuck them into … Continue reading

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Through with You

(a Preposition Proposition) Howz about it’s over? I under -stand how you could try to just move along, be strong, but just between us two, I’m fed up with this after -math and all the down days it brings. As … Continue reading

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If Hope is Truly Falling

…. Walk soft; maybe you can catch her. But wait for me. ’Cuz if she’s really f a l l i n g, we are going down to.get.her.   …

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Balanced Soft on Battered Limbs

…… We start with sway, obey the bidding breeze, stop holding trees accountable for anything that falls. We remind ourselves we’re all bent, not broken, sunned and spoken loose, cracked open to a quiet dawn. We sing on, even when … Continue reading

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Six of One

photo credit Barbara Young   … Not everything bent is broken, not everything cracked gets tossed. Not everything spent is spoken, not everything broken is lost. … Written for Poetic Bloomings.

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I, Lorelei.

….. My fingers prickle with ache to hold more than I deserve, amber pieces of silver -shekled promise. …….My ……….spine a rose, …this heart its …………………thorn.     …

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