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18 Responses to Boogeyman.

  1. Sara v says:

    So creative and cute! Great effect with the last word 🙂 (one of my favs as you know…)

  2. Love it!! Nothing like a note from the Boogeyman.

  3. Susan Chast says:

    I love to think the bogeyman is afraid of ghosts! He was the fear factor used to get us to bed on time. Love this.

  4. Linda E.H. says:

    cute and I like the way you presented it

  5. Marian says:

    oh, i love this, too. dancing in the margins!

  6. This is incredibly creative. I love love love it

  7. sugar bear says:

    love 🙂

  8. hedgewitch says:

    The presentation enhances both the text and context–childlike in a good way, even if I’m seeing a tongue stuck out somewhere–lots of fun, De.

  9. coalblack says:

    I love how you’ve done this!

  10. isadoragruye says:

    truly well done. I love the hand written element, but also the idea of the suitor of the boogeyman…too cute! And a little Burtonesque in all the right ways… la and thanks for posting!

  11. I ♥ this BIG!! And YOU! So fun!

  12. So cute, I love the notebook scribbled words ~

  13. Kerry O'Connor says:

    This is charming! I love the rhyme and it would be a great poem to read to a child on Halloween – so they’re not too scared of the Bogeyman.

  14. Boogeyman & Mr. Bojangles rolled into one. Very cute. Love the imagery, “handwritten” is so cool!

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