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Of Pies, and Bluer Skies

….. She eats them one by one, mince and …..crow and humble, each crum -bled crust opening something loose in her chest. If she can just get the recipe right, perhaps these latticed limbs won’t feel so tight ………and crimped. … Continue reading

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The Cacophony of Her Noisy Heart

…. Let’s buckle up, and fumble something greater than our own skin, not miss the instant when we be -gin to understand the gravity of gain. We navigate grace as if it is merely falling, not flying, as if the … Continue reading

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Butterscotch Pockets

…. My Uncle Don stored slivers of sunshine in his pockets. Heading in for a hug, we would listen for his work shirt’s slightest crinkle, our small hands reaching as much for the sweetness of his smile as these golden-wrapped … Continue reading

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….. We leave out the graham cracker and get straight to the ooey-gooey goodness. Stoke the fire, love. Scorch your mallow just right. Slip a sliver of chocolate (dark or light) right into the center, then s’moosh the whole thing … Continue reading

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