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Words Led

….. It’s muddled, this puddle puzzled mouth, befuddled in all its silky, lanky glory. Whatever your story, pour something for the pain, isolate the rain into small murky drops you can slice with cold breath, quiet razor. Savor silence beyond … Continue reading

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(for Pete’s sake) … Don’t forget to breathe, she says. As if these tired lungs don’t have a mind of their own, don’t groan and rise and fall constant against their slatted cage. It’s O -verrated, this whole in- and … Continue reading

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Salt Water and Other Solutions

…..   She wears pieces of ocean on her wrists, insists on turquoise purses and in -digo ink, periwinkle chalk. It’s elementary, really – these foreign desert skies are vast and wide, and void of wave, yet full of salt. … Continue reading

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NaCl H2O

….. She’s nearly three-fourths liquid, and spilling. He’s filling her head with worry wave and wish. She’s sloshed over these lonely streets for years, held tears at bay in pocket, sprinkled them loose. She’s pathologically, periodically displaced; groaned and owned … Continue reading

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……… Halfway to crazy, she sounds the alarms, flees, builds a tiny cottage by the sea. She sings herself a shanty, cabins toes into cold sand, castles her heart in clouds. The wind weaves her a welcome mat, mansions her … Continue reading

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