Grace City

Where sin abounds, grace abounds more.
– Romans 5:20

They call us Sin
City, but we know this is
really just a desert shoreline
where more broken shells collect
than usual, waiting to be found and
polished and restored to something greater.

They say we never sleep
but we do and when we do
we dream beyond bright lights
and 24-hour buffet lines. We hold our
children’s hands when we cross the street,
wave at neighbors as we trim our xeriscaped lawns.

They speak of crime
and nightlife and scantily clad
deeds, but we know that grace covers all,
and we do most of our living by the light, right
alongside the others pushing through each day with
some semblance of peace and hope in this place we call home.


Written for Poetic Asides, Day 27.

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5 Responses to Grace City

  1. Well, De, I never did see the “Sin” side when I visited, and that’s good. It’s unfair of people to judge Vegas by Celine Dion, the Rat Pack, and CSI. Your church, in particular, is doing so much to reach out to those who have fallen prey to the sleazy aspects… but it’s a beautiful place by day, and I didn’t see any blinking lights in your neighborhood. What went on in YOUR Vegas stays with this girl forever. Amy

  2. I’d love to visit. You make Vegas warm and inviting, you show peeps the real-side of this city…the part that holds your ♥. Beautiful response my friend.

  3. poetryshack says:

    De, this verse has rescued and encouraged me many times.

  4. I can almost hear an anthem music. This is a very beautiful poem, quotation bordering on the essence of the message.

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