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Stony Ground

My elbows fit against this table just right, and writing is fighting so let’s jab tonight: These silver-lined page clouds are a wonder to see, but my keys are black thrones holding lettered anarchy. ….   #smallstone  

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…..   She’s still full up there, all right but she’s peeled herself of her golden rind, gone back to dark -ened core, solid useless rock. Maybe if we spill the sky, turn everything upside-down and pour this ink out … Continue reading

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Water Ways

She spills best here, fills her veins with indigo-inky strains of song. She belongs along these sapphire shores, breathing in blue and knowing too that heaven sighs in turquoise tears. We’re all three-fourths liquid, but perhaps after all these salty … Continue reading

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New Constellations

  …….. You promised not to haunt me, remember? And then suddenly this ceiling is littered with your shine, scenes of yours and ours and mine illuminated in so much stardust. I need you to trust me: go, ride that … Continue reading

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