kitty stones

Jan. 26

there is some sort of tennis
match happening between
the birds in the back yard.


Jan. 27

He snaps at me, meeeow-aps
at me, stalks grumpily from
the room, his tail a fuzzy black
exclamation point.



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6 Responses to kitty stones

  1. Sara v says:

    Love that fuzzy black exclamation point 🙂 Excellent snapshots and how can I resist a title like “Kitty Stones?”

  2. I love the playful and bold persona you’ve given the creatures in your world, De!! Thank you for your sweet words around my small stone. 🙂

  3. ) Love the first one! I’m imagining some put-out old woman looking out her window – and “egads” — this really made me smile.

    The Jan. 27 one is great – it reminds me of a book my little one has – it has cat poems in it — I’ll have to find the title for you, but this poem would fit perfectly in that! Oh, I know – it’s “My Cat Has Eyes of Sapphire Blue.” Absolutely love that description of the tail. I hope he’s not leaving to attend the “match” outside!

  4. Claudsy says:

    Good one, De. I’ve had those exclamation points flung at me a few times. It always makes me feel so unnecessary to the importance of the world. 🙂

  5. Misky says:

    HA! Tennis match. Yes,indeed. I’ve watched that recently, too.

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