The Gall of Stones


Jan. 30

They get in your shoe, roll
under your skin, nagging
little pebbles knocking a
-round and waiting to be
spread over garden. Smooth
their edges in ink, unsharp
-en some shard with pink
eraser dust and blow it
to breeze. In the giant
forest picture of things,
these tiny things find their
wings – and stay.

Jan. 31

-cobbled, she searches for
one last
worthy stone, embraces
graying shroud of sky, a comfort
-or spread over her wide wild world.
Wander loose under all this patchy
slate, collect these fragments as
you may; they shine, even in
the absence of light.







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5 Responses to The Gall of Stones

  1. Oh De…from “pink” on through in your first…LOVE your mind!!!

    Your second touches in on the deeply profound…

    I’ve loved chucking stones with you this month, De…totally and completely, loved it. ♥

  2. Sara v says:

    Love fragments that shine, even without the light–that really captured me–so did the pebble in my shoe (“By My Side” one of my favorite songs from Godspell…don’t know if you are familiar with that play…I’m totally dating myself…yikes!) :-}

  3. Once again, both of these are very well done. I love the word placements in the first…”a / round” “unsharp / en” — loved “in the giant forest picture of things.” Also love “stay.”
    I’m getting the idea that all these stones are some kind of assignment you had, instead of being some obsession you were having!!
    “comfort / or” – I was imagining a giant gray “OR” in the sky… or goes well with all that worry…if this happens, or that happens, or maybe this… worry is as infinite as that gray sky, indeed.

  4. Misky says:

    Oh yes, they do get under your skin!

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