Spicy Pavement

My driveway’s feeling saucy, man
-go habanero, to be exact. Wash it

all down in rivers, mourn heat lost,
shattered shards of nothing gained.

Opened the back hatch of my SUV after a Costco run yesterday, and an entire bottle of mango habanero sauce went tumbling down. Sticky, chunky, spicy mess. You’d think I would have learned by now. For past driveway drama, see this.

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3 Responses to Spicy Pavement

  1. 😦 that stinks. Look at the bright side – at least it didn’t shatter IN your car. That would have been hard to clean.
    Love the first line – I could imagine lots of scenarios from a saucy driveway – a driveway brought to life. Hope it doesn’t get indigestion 🙂
    Now mango habanero sauce -that sounds yummy! We don’t have a Costco in my area though. I’ll have to look for it it elsewhere!

  2. poetryshack says:

    I hate to say that was hilarious at the expense of a messy driveway, not to mention wasted spice! But your title drew me in. Hook, line and sinker.

  3. Sarav says:

    That would have been quite a drink–mango habanero rum…Costco run has taken on a whole new meaning in your driveway… 😉 And that is a awesome title

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