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.. We all fall, after all, daily. But You call, soft, hold hearts aloft when our worn flesh tires; bring us beauty in the midst of all this fire. …

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. Bent on giving something ………up, we sup on less, empty cup ……….to save room for what we really crave: ………………..more of You.     .

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Counting Sheep

. They seem the stuff of fluff, but underneath their bones crunch and get stuck in craw, caw of crow murder circling. Ticktockticktockticktock ticks me off, clock scoffs at my endless, dreamless tally. Bo Peep’s an evil wench, and I’d … Continue reading

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Cue the Hallelujahs,

.. the fear nots and ta-das. Hold your opinions and your applause. Break out the trumpets and let the angels do their thing. Signal the sirens: we’re ready for spring.     .

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Proclamations of Blue

… The sky is falling! The sky is falling! some Little bird claims, and sure enough when we slosh our tired feet about, we can see ourselves in indigo cloud puddles. Get your galoshes, Love. We’re going for a sky … Continue reading

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