Daily Archives: March 9, 2014

Saving Daylight

This day has a forward spilling, a way of filling way too fast. It’s past its prime and out of time before lines are drawn in these hourglass sands. Hand me something full of face, less talk and tock, less … Continue reading

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Ordinary Blades

… Wielded green of balmy gust, through heart of ice and flurry thrust, verdant fight to gain sky’s trust. Velvet rug for hungry feet, peaceful wave of sharpened sea, swords of spring held high for me. …. .. Written for … Continue reading

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Miss, Take the Stage

.. Skid row needs a jelly sandwich. Or some motley (this means diversified, varied, not shabby – look it up) list of ingredients to bake into this side ………(of the tracks) -walk trip. Un-clatter your own platter, catch some sweeter … Continue reading


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